Live Below the Line

UNICEF On Campus is promoting the LIVE BELOW THE LINE campaign which aims to raise funds and awareness to end extreme poverty.
How it Works :Live Below The Line is a challenge to buy all the food and drink you need to survive for five days with just £5 (£1 per day). There are no specific rules on what you can and can’t do, it’s really up to you about how strict you want to be (e.g. using oil, or spices etc).
Participants of the challenge will be added to our UNICEF team sponsored page​. Get sponsored by family members, friends, and co-workers to live below the line, raising donations for Unicef’s work for children. You’ll gain first-hand insight into the lives of people living below the poverty line and have the chance to make a difference with the donations your raise.

Visit their website to find out more.

Giving What We Can

‘Giving What We Can’ is a foundation that promotes effective international charities that use evidence-based interventions to help as many people as possible with the money they have. (charities such as the against malaria foundation that GWWC has figured out saves the most lives per pound)

GWWC has introduced a scheme to encourage people to promise a percentage of their future incomes to charity. GWWC recognises that many people plan to give to charity when they earn but somehow never get round to it or put it off, thinking they will when they earn more. By pledging a percentage right from the beginning, giving to charity can be included in budgeting and it is much more rewarding to the person as they can carefully chose charities to support through their lifetime. On their website, people can ‘pledge’ 10% of their future income or ‘try giving’ a smaller amount for a set number of years.

Visit their Facebook event to find out more and get involved with their campaign.