Alumni Society

ONCE in IDS, FOREVER you will be

If you’re a graduate or alumni of Newcastle University, whatever course at whatever level, you are invited to connect with our society through the International Development Alumni Society.

Newcastle University Alumni Society has collaborated with our society on a project that will allow all Newcastle Alumni and Graduates to join a new branch of IDS specific for Alumni. Whether you graduated 1 year ago or 40 years ago, wherever you are in the world, we aim to accommodate all Alumni within our society, events and projects. We hope that you can gain a lot from us through our events and networking opportunities. A key objective of IDAS is also to form a linkage between graduates and current students so if you’re interested in being involved in some way, we’d love to hear from you!

We hope 2015-2016 will be a really exciting year for the IDAS and its work with our society, and our looking forward to welcoming many of our alumni to our annual conference next year!

If you would be interested in joining IDAS, or have any queries or suggestions for upcoming events, please get in touch.GET IN TOUCH